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Spotify Premium family plan has stopped working after update

Spotify Premium family plan has stopped working after update






(iPhone 6s)

Operating System

(iOS 10)


My Question or Issue

 Spotify Premium family plan has stopped working after update. All 6 accounts suddenly stopped working and when the user paying the plan tries to update the paying information it only keeps saying ERROR.

It is very frustrating, please if anyone could help me out I would be great full.

3 Replies

Hi @alfonsojsilva! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


That's odd. We'd recommend trying to send the invitations from a desktop using an incognito window.  Also, try clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing. Does that help?


Let us know how it goes. Take care 🙂

Hello Aimee_T!

Thank you for your help and your reply.

I followed the instructions in your reply however the same process keep occurring. 

When the main user tries to enter the paying options it says “An error has occurred with the payment” 


is there anything I could do to get the Spotify premium account going again?

could someone please look into it.


thank you.

Hey @alfonsojsilva.


Thanks for your patience.


We suggest taking a look at this FAQ article. It contains some helpful troubleshooting steps for when a payment doesn't go through 🙂


We hope that works for you. Have a great day!

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