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Spotify takes money for both single premium and family premium without my permission.

Spotify takes money for both single premium and family premium without my permission.

I just realise when i saw my bank account.. In a 1 or 2 weeks ago i bought single premium and yesterday they take money for familiy premium without my notice.. I was using familiy premium before but last one was single premium.

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At the end of the month you are still charged with family even if you cancel before payday, but next month you will be charged for single if you already changed your subscription.

I didn't do anything.. When my familiy pre was over, i paid for single, then 2 weeks later, spotify takes my money for familiy all of a sudden..

Did you cancel your family subscription? Make sure to double check.

No i didn't but it is necessary? Because i can't use two membership in one account ofcourse? This is a fraud!

I understand how you feel. Have you cancelled your family subscription yet? I hope it has been solved. Good luck.

Hey @SerasVictoria,


Sorry to hear about your issue!


It is always nest practice to cancel your subscription before switching as to avoid getting double charged. If you head to this page, you will be able to see your subscriptions and if family is still there you can cancel it from that page!


Let me know how you go!




No i didn't. But at very first, i was tried to buy family pre, but spotify leads me to single pre page, i didn't noticed that until i saw my bank account.. So i continued single. Than now, this happens.. I want familiy premium, but this is wrong.. So can i cancel my single premium? Or continue like this?

 If you want family, then cancel your single and continue, but make sure you cancel it so you aren't charged again.

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