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Strange Usernames

Strange Usernames



can anyone tell me why 2 of my family members are down as “a b” as there names on my family members account. Screenshot Attatched



3 Replies

Hey there @Horrorman666,

thanks for posting in the community !


This is very odd.

Seems like your account might have taken over.


Two important question to determine if this is really the case:

 - Any suspicious activity on your account recently?

- Are the other names included in the plan were changed ?


Waiting on  your update 😃



Thanks for the reply. The account has not been taken over. Other members of my household there names are normal.


Jusr the last 2 I added the names appear like that. They can use Spotify no problems and have both confirmed the address via email. The names actually appeared like that when they confirmed the invite.


Just thought I’d ask the question in case something was wrong

Hey there @Horrorman666,

thanks for the update!


Please have your family members invited to the plan check that they're seeing and are part of the family plan on their account overview page here.


If so, please remove their accounts from the family plan, and re-invite all family members again.

If it happens again, make sure they re-check the names they enter when sending the invitation. 


Waiting on your update 😃

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