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Switching from a 3 month subscription to a Family account

Switching from a 3 month subscription to a Family account





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I’m currently using the 3-months-for-0.99€ offer and would like to switch to a Family account. How does that work? Is my 3-month subscription cancelled, does it resume after I un-member myself from the Family, or do I get added to the Family after my 3 months are up?

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Hi there,


Do you plan on joining someone's Premium for Family or you're starting your own Plan?


Thanks! 🙂

I have much the same question, so I hope I'm not hijacking the OP's post ...


I will be the owner of the family account and will invite other family members.

Do I cancel the $0.99 subscription and re-subscribe with a family membership, or just use the CHANGE option?


When I started the CHANGE option, I got the message: If you confirm, your plan will change immediately. Starting 5/3/19, you’ll pay $17.99 automatically each month, but you won’t be double-charged for days you’ve already paid for ... does that mean that I will continue with the promo subscription until 5/3/19 (nearly 6weeks more) but as a FAMILY account, or will the family account not start until that date and upon first payment of $17.99?  If the former is correct, then that would be better value than cancelling and re-subscribing.

Hi @Starruby


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