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The Google Home mini promotion isn't available

The Google Home mini promotion isn't available



Premium Family


United States of America


OnePlus 5T

Operating System


My Question or Issue

I had subscribed to the family plan because of the Google home mini promotion which was said to be active until the end of this year

But to my surprise when I try to register for it , it says

"Thank you so much for your interest.
We're sorry to say this offer is not available at this time.

We'll be sure to let you know about new offers in the future."


So how do I register for the promotion now ?


5 Replies

Basically Spotify removed the promotion yet it still advertises it for us to sign up for the family plan. I came to spotify today because of it and was told the promo is no longer valid. So I am with you and feel cheated too. They said they dont have stock of it anymore.


Needless to say would love if Spotify team announces it and actually removes the mention of the offer... but nope...

This is so irritating! I saw the promo on the morning of 12/14/18, talked to my partner about it that night, upgraded us to family premium, and only then realized Spotify pulled the plug on this promo. Seriously Spotify, get it together. If you say a promo is going to run until 12/31/18, then stick to your word.

I posted regarding this yesterday and Spotify hasn't responded to mine.  I am in the same boat. Even have the picture where I signed up clearly saying I will get a email for the Google Home Mini. I am still waiting on my email.  I am giving this about a week before I cancel and go back to my student account.  I planned to do this as a Christmas gift for my family but it is hard to justify doing so with how I am feeling cheated.

spotify reciept.PNG

I feel the same way too man. I hope they get back to us soon 

Very misleading.  Why didnt you tell me the promotion was over when I clicked the link for the offer?  please make this right 

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