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The address linked to family premium account doesn't/no longer shows up

The address linked to family premium account doesn't/no longer shows up

I'm on a family account owned by my brother, we are trying to add another member as there's a spot still available so he's sent the link. After multiple attempts with the address that we thought was correct, we realised it was slightly different to the one linked to the account (same address, phrased differently). However, the address linked does not appear as an option, when typed in exactly as it appears on the account page - it comes up saying "This is the address we found" with the address phrased wrong & doesn't work. Tried everything including incognito, new link, etc. Still only comes up with the address phrased differently, which repeated brings up the page saying "Address doesn't match."
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Thanks for reaching out and for describing your issue in detail.


We use an external service to handle the addresses, so if it changed there, this would explain the difficulties you're currently having. In this case, we'd suggest updating the address in the Premium Family manager's account to the one suggested by the system. 


Please note that existing members will eventually be prompted to re-verify their addresses. To avoid any errors in the process, it's best to simply remove them from the plan and add them back.


We hope this helps! Let us know if you have other questions.

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Actualmente tengo plan Duo familiar, pero deseo unirme a plan familiar de 6, ingreso la dirección del titular y me sale que Hubo un problema y que vuelva a intentarlo mas tarde, necesito ayuda urgenteeeee gracias

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