The last member of Family Plan keep getting kicked from the Premium


The last member of Family Plan keep getting kicked from the Premium

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I am subscribing to a Family Plan for premium. I have 6 members in my family plan. I have a problem, the last member of my family plan keep getting kicked out from the plan on every month after the payment were made. So, we have been re-creating the account to let him joining the plan for almost every month. Please note that the member has also make sure that his account was confirm when the activation email were sent.


Please help me find the solution. We have been facing this problem for more than a year.

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Hey there @gnpyrs_f-3b69,

thanks for reaching out to the community!


As a first step, adding the Premium for Family help page for you to check out.

Please make sure to read all limitations to see that your family plans follows the rules for it to work properly.


Waiting on your update 😃

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We have follow all the rules and conditions for the plan. The member can join the plan but when the first verification needed, spotify seems cant verify the account and the person ends up to be removed from the plan. So, we had no choice but to ask the member to create a new account instead as i cannot add him anymore using the same account after he was removed automatically.


This happens every month to the same member of the plan (the last member of the plan).