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Unable to add family member

Unable to add family member


I have a paid family plan. Credit card is current and working ok




Nextbit Robin + Acer windows laptop

Operating System

Android + Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 I have a paid family plan that is costing me approx $18 AUD EVERY month. I am meant to be able to add family members. I have successfully added my wife and my son. I have tried UNSUCESSFULLY on several ocassions to add my daughter. I send her the email, she clicks on the link, we fill in all her address details, press the button ... and then get right back to the same page. EVERYTIME!


This is getting VERY frustrating. I have now paid for about 4 months of subscription and STILL have not been able to add her to the family plan. And i might add that spotifies help system is absolutely appalling for a global company of this size!


Can someone please advise how i can actually receive what i have been paying for over the last 3 or 4 months before i report this company to consumer affairs. Most ethical businesses are happy to provide the service that you have paid for and are happy to provide a mechanism for payment and service issues to be addressed. Not so spotify - just use unpaid volunteer community members to do all the "help and support" work while collecting $$ from all over the world!


I'm not happy!

2 Replies

Hello @aussietanker!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. No worries though, I'm here to help.


Can you make sure your daughter is logged in with the right account when she accepts the invitation? You can learn how to find extra accounts here.


She should be logged into the account registered with the email address they use for the invitation.

If that doesn't work, can you try this process using another browser or Incognito Mode? It might be worth trying another device.

Keep me posted and have a nice day 🙂

Jose_MSpotify Star
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Sorry, what do you mean by "logged in" when she accepts the invite ... and ...She should be logged into the account registered with the email address they use for the invitation.


The invite goes to her email account (gmail) 


1. Are you saying that she needs to be logged into her spotify account, and then somehow needs to go to her gmail account using spotify?


2. I take it that you are also saying that to accept the invite her spotify account needs to have the email address used to send her an invite registered as part of her spotify account. ??


I can't ever remember reading that requirement anywhere but will try that when she gets home


Thank you for tying to help us. I appreciate that.   I will let you know how it goes in a few hours.

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