Unable to select song despite being part of Premium Family in Android

Unable to select song despite being part of Premium Family in Android


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Samsung S9+

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Android 9


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I have a Spotify Family Premium Subscription and the current Spotify app on my Android phone (Samsung S9+ with Android 9.0) but when I use Google Assistant to request a song on Spotify, I get a message saying "Choosing songs is only available to Spotify Premium Subscribers". This is quite annoying as I would like to request songs directly.


The Spotify app on my phone does allow me to change the download settings and streaming quality to Very High which means that it does recognize my Premium subscription, despite the error above.

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Hi there!


That seems like a rather specific issue alright. Have you tried much uninstalling/reinstalling? Have you contacted Spotify directly about this?


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Hey @MohnishC.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It sounds like the wrong Spotify account is connected to your voice assistant. Head over to the settings of your phone and unlink Spotify from the voice assistant. This can be most likely found in the Music section within the settings.


Once you've unlinked, try to link your Premium account and it should work again!


Hope it does. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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