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Updating payment canceled family plan

Updating payment canceled family plan

My family plan was canceled without my knowledge when I had to update my payment information. I had lost my debit card and had it replaced the same date that my payment was due and I didn't realize right away so when I did update my payment information to the new card number my family plan was canceled and I was downgraded to premium even though the app told me I was going to be charged for the family plan. I didn't think to look at my banking as I've never had this issue in the past and it wasn't until my family told me they were kicked off the plan I found out about the issue. Is there a way to reactivate my family without having to go through the whole process again? 


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Hi there @Tamara13,


Thank you for your post here in the Community. 


In this case we suggest that you contact our customer support so that they can have a closer look directly on your account.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care 🙂

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Same thing happened to me. Can I suggest it retains the family info to give people a chance to update their payment info without having to set it up again?

Hey @rawcane,


Thanks for leaving your feedback in the Community!


Currently we are sending out notifications to users (who haven't disabled them), if failures with their connected payment method occur. Also, your account is not being reverted immediately to free after your first failed payment. Our system tries several more times in the following days to do the transaction, before doing the change.


Tip: Some additional information on notification settings, could be found here.


We're always aiming to improve our features so we hope you’ll continue to use it and find it gets better in the future. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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