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Upgrade to Family from Premium not working

Upgrade to Family from Premium not working



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 So I upgraded from Premium to Family, then invited my wife and there was a code sent for her to join. But there were no prompts to enter said code. All of my accounts are still showing premium even though Spotify confirmed I am now a Family subscriber. I’ve logged in and out several times and still nothing.

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Hey there @627Winston,

thanks for posting in the community !


Can you please provide which OS or devices you're using ?

In addition, what do you mean by "All of my accounts are still showing premium" ?


Waiting on your update so i can try and help 😃


I am using IOS version 12.1.4. Here is a screen shot of what my account status is. I would think that because I have upgraded to Family, that the subscription would say Family instead of Premium. Thanks for checking in!

Hey @627Winston.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It seems something went wrong because we can't open the screenshot.


What you could try in the meanwhile, is to have the family members open the email they receive via an incognito browsing session. That solves the issue usually 🙂


if it doesn't try to send the screenshot again and we'll take a look.


Have a nice day!

Hi Guido. Thanks! I think we have it now. The only thing is I was never asked to input the code the Spotify sent to invite my wife but it still seems to be working now. Was that code essential? I just want to get this up an running permanently. Thanks again.

Hey @627Winston.


Glad to hear it's all sorted now!


We send a code to the user who wants to join the Family plan, who then has to enter it in order to confirm the invitation and to join the plan - the only thing you have to do is send the invitation.


Hope that makes things clearer. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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