Using Spotify Family with young kids and Google Home


Using Spotify Family with young kids and Google Home

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Plan: Family

Country: US

Device: Google Home Mini


I'm an Apple Music user, but we finally made the leap to using Google Assistant and we bought 4 Google Minis throughout the house which we use as speakers in the kids room and as assistants to connect our Sonos Speakers. Apple Music counts devices, not users, so we've never had a problem having different songs playing simaltaneously in different rooms and on different devices. But I've recently made the switch to Spotify Family and have hit a wall. 


Number 1: My kids are 2 and 4 and I WILL NOT create seperate accounts for them on Spotify or do Voice Match with Google. I actively do NOT want them controlling their Google Mini. I want to use it mainly for lullabies and bed time stories to help them go to sleep. Here's our use case.


I tuck my daughter in and start her Spotify lullabies on her Google Mini by using Google Assistant. I tuck my son in and start his Spotify bedtime story on his Google Mini. My wife and I listen to Spotify on our Sonos system. Repeat every night. 


We tried this and got the jarring "Your account is being used on another device." 


I reached out to Google Home support and they blamed it on Spotify. Can someone tell me if there is a solution or if this clear gap is acknowledged by Spotify and on their roadmap? 








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Hi Katrina,

Any updates on resolving the Spotify Kids connectivity? Looks like we are getting a lot of people requesting the update..... How many votes or likes does one’s idea need before Spotify considers making the adjustments?

We did buy the family plan and Still can’t use the Spotify kids with the google home/mini. I want the kids to only use kids and the adults use a different one