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Verifying address for family plan

Verifying address for family plan

I signed up for the premium family plan back in october. I had my fiance and my brother on the plan. Everything was fine until today when they both got quicked off and back to the free plan. They went to verify the address and it keeps telling them that they are unable to verify the address. This is really frustrating and I am considering canceling the plan and moving to a differnt music service. 


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Hey @ktnelli9.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community, and sorry for the late response!

We'll be glad to help you out if you're still experiencing this issue.
We have some more info on this here, under 'Why was I removed from the Premium for Family plan?'.

All members of a Premium for Family plan must reside at the same physical address.

If we’re unable to verify the members of a Premium for Family plan, they are removed from the plan.

If this happens, you may restore your Premium features by upgrading to a standalone Premium subscription. 

If this doesn't sound right, or you still need help just let us know.



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