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Want Spotify Premium for Family but don't want to change my Country

Want Spotify Premium for Family but don't want to change my Country

Plan: Premium

Country: United Kingdom.



(iPhones 11, 8 & 7")


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Hi community, I've had a Spotify Premium account for years, created when I used to live in the UK, but now I live in France.  I just created a Family Premium account so I can add my kids and wife (all 5 of us living at the same address) but when it came to the address verification it kept throwing me an error saying "addresses don't match". Pretty sure the issue is that my Country is United Kingdom, whilst on my wife's and daughter's phones the indicated Country is France (my wife and one daughter have Sporify Free accounts already).  It's not possible for them to change their Country and I don't want to change mine as I want the UK content and English nav etc. Is it possible to get them onto a Family Premium account with me, and with the Country for all of us as the United Kingdom?  Thanks for any advice.  (for now I changed my account back to just Premium) 


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Hi @thesimianprince !


Thanks for posting in the Community. Regrettably, it's not possible to have members of the same Family plan with their Spotify accounts associated with different countries.


In order to be able to invite your family to the Family Plan, you'd need to update your country settings to match the current country you're located in at this moment. This article shares more information about how to do it. 


You can also check this thread with more answers about how the Family Plan works. 

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