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What is the best way to use Sonos with Spotify and a Family Account?

What is the best way to use Sonos with Spotify and a Family Account?

We have a family plan which is used for 2 adults and 2 Kids. We are also using Spotify on our Sonos/ Alexa speakers. As of now Sonos speakers are linked to my account. As my kids also use the Sonos/ Alexa devices this leads to my profile being filled with the Kids music in all proposed playlists etc. Would it be possible to add another generic account that is only used for shared devices. Or is there any other solution for this?
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Thanks for reaching out.


It's currently not possible to use/connect multiple Spotify accounts in the Amazon Alexa app, so creating a dedicated (generic) account for the speakers would indeed be a very good idea. You can also use collaborative playlists, so that everyone in the Family can add music to them.


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This needs to change. I know if many people with similar Sonos/Alexa devices, and what you want to do in a family is be able to be in the kitchen and ask Alexa to play something and not be fiddling with having to change accounts or waste one of your family accounts as a dedicated account. I was a Spotify subscriber and because of this had to cancel my Spotify account and move to Apple Music which allows you to play across all your devices as long ass six devices as long as no more than six devices are playing at one time. I wish Spotify could fix this, as I would gladly return given there, much better playlist algorithm.

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