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Why i was removed from spotify family?

Why i was removed from spotify family?


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Iphone xs

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iOS 10


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My husband and I signed up for family plan, he is the account holder and sent me the invite. Everything was working fine until spotify ask me to verify address and soon i got an email saying spotify cant verify my address and I am reverted to free plan. My husband tried sending the invite again and it wouldnt let me join the family plan after entering the details. Please help.


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Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @MacyKwek!


It sounds like the issue is that the address you entered does not match the one attached to your husband's Spotify account.  For the Spotify Family Plan, your addresses must be identical, so I recommend you check the address on his account, then try to sign up again and make sure your address matches exactly.


Let me know if this works!

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