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Why is my music playing off a different device to the one I’m using?

Why is my music playing off a different device to the one I’m using?


Family Premium




Operating System

IOS 10


My Question or Issue


I have the family premium package that I share with my family. Although recently on a few occasions I’ve got to listen to my Spotify and my mums done the same on her phone but it would then cut one of our songs off and change it to what the other person is listening to? Which is meaning we can’t use our Spotify accounts at the same time otherwise it interrupts what each is listening to, any clues on why this is happening and how I can stop it happening again? Thanks  


2 Replies

Hey @SLE24.


With Premium for Family, you and 5 family members can have up to 6 independent Premium accounts. You can learn more info about Premium for Family and how to invite them to the plan here.


Any other questions, just give us a shout 🙂 

Hey @SLE24.

Thanks for coming to the Community.


It sounds like you might be logging into the same account, rather than your own accounts.


Don't worry, with Premium for Family you'll still be able to use your own individual accounts, so that your music's not interrupted.


For more info, we'd recommend checking out the link here.


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