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family member invitation I sent shows another owner profile

family member invitation I sent shows another owner profile

I'm trying to send an invitation to my father to join the family member but when he is filling the gaps to be part of it after accepting the invitation, it shows in the congratulation phrase that my cousin is sending him the invitation to join his family member subscription. My cousin is sharing my family plan too. And that's why he is keep getting denied to joined.


please help, cuze I've been login out and logging in from my account, my father's account several times with no success


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Hey @teresaanamiley,


Still having trouble with this? Can you check if your father is part of the Premium for Family plan on your account page, under Premium for Family? There are several reasons why it seems he got invited by your cousin, and one of the is that the Family plan is registered on your cousins name. However, this is only cosmetic, and if you see that you're the owner of the plan (by being able to manage and invite people), then you're the owner.


Keep us posted and let us know how it goes 🙂


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