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"Something went wrong. Try again" when trying to change my Premium Family payment method

"Something went wrong. Try again" when trying to change my Premium Family payment method


Family Premium




Macbook Pro late 2016 and iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 10 and Google Chrome


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I have had a Family plan for a while but just tried to change the payment method for the monthly payments but I keep getting the error "Something went wrong. Try again". 


I have tried using an incognito mode page, a new search engine, a different device, and a different payment but I still get the same error every time. How can I resolve this so I don't lose service? As of right now I can't make the monthly payment. 



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Hi there @GirlAbroad,

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please mention the type of payment method you wish start using ?

Please also mention the one you're using at the moment which was used all along.


In the meanwhile, you can try some relevant troubleshooting steps from this support page.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

I originally was using an American Chase credit card and I was trying to switch to using an American Bank of America credit card. I have also tried using different credit cards which are all working other than with Spotify. 


I have viewed the troubleshooting page and none of those solutions have worked for me. Any new suggestions?

HI @GirlAbroad,


Since you've attempted changing your payment details multiple times without success,  i'd recommend waiting a couple of days before giving it another try (preferably in an incognito window).

This is suggested in order to prevent any stored data on your device interfering with the sign-up process.


In addition, i suggest you contact your bank to verify if the card you're trying to use is enabled for foreign purchases and online or recurring transactions.

You may also need to have the card set up for 3D-Secure online transactions, such as “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode”.


However if both did not solve the issue, you can try cancelling the subscription and resubscribing after the account reverts back to Free.


Don't worry for your content as you won’t lose any music or account settings by reverting to Free, but you will need to re-download anything you’ve made available for offline listening (downloaded content) once you’re back on Premium as well as re-invite your family members.


Hope this'll help.

Keep me posted 🙂

Thanks for your help! 


I have been going through this process for the past week at least so I've definitely given it time. The cards should work according to the banks so Ill give the re-subscription idea a go. 


Will the premium subscription eventually be cancelled if the payment keeps not going through or do I have to actively cancel the subscription?

Hi @GirlAbroad,


The minute your account "alerts" you to change your payment method, it gives a short period of time to renew it before it goes back to Free.


However, i believe you should track any changes on the account and double check that it was indeed reverted to the Free edition to avoid unexpected charges.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

My account has reverted back to free and now I when I try and sign up for Family Premum I am getting the same error. I again have tried using different cards, different windows and different devices. 


I also have tried making an entirely new account and switching that to premium and am still getting the same error. I also was getting the error that I wasnt eligible for a free month promotion because I had already signed up for premium which is fine but it wont let me get premium at all. 

Hi @GirlAbroad,


At this stage i would like you to reach out to support using this "About Us" page for them to take a closer look and provide instant help.


Bear in mind that due to the Covid-19 current situation, it might take them longer than usual to respond.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

I’m having this problem too. The issue is with Spotify, not my card. Nothing I’ve tried has worked but I’ve followed all your advice on the support page and these community forums. I’ve contacted Spotify help via chat and they had no advice other than to wait, which I’ve already done. My card is fine, it’s not a foreign transaction, and it can do recurring purchases because I have several of them. What’s wrong with your system that this keeps happening to people and why haven’t you fixed it? Please fix it. It’s telling me I’m going to lose my premium account and downloaded songs but it won’t let me pay, so I am out of options. 

Hey @abbyhenk,


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community 🙂


It is a good idea to check these steps and give them a go. If that doesn't work, we'd suggest you contact your payment provider. The folks there can look into this further.


Tip: You can also try with another payment method. Here you can find all the available payment methods in your country.


You can send us a screenshot of the error message. You can attach the image to your next response using the Insert Photos option in the post editor. Just make sure that all the sensitive information is not visible.


Let us know how it goes. If you have more questions, we are here for you.


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Did you ever get it to work? having the exact same problem rn and its annoying as **bleep**, thanks

Hi there @toeztur,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


Can you let us know what troubleshooting steps you've tried that's been provided in this thread so that we can help you in the best way.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I've also been having the same problem I've tried 4 different browsers even a town a bit further away from me but it still alerts me with either my address is incorrect or something went wrong please help I don't want my $10 to go to waste 

Hey @bhargavsuresh,


Thanks for bringing this up.


Could you tell us what is the exact error you are getting, when trying to activate a Family subscription? Have you tried using an incognito window or a different device with a different network connection? We'd also advise not using a VPN to set up the plan.

We'd advise to also check your account settings for subscription eligibility, e.g. payment method country and account country match. More on that you can find here.


Keep us posted,



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