“see all” isn’t working for my own profile, my own recently played songs don’t update


“see all” isn’t working for my own profile, my own recently played songs don’t update







Windows 10 and iPhone 10 but no matter what device I use the issue persists

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iOS 10, Windows 10


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hi so ever since spotify premium updated to show your own top artists and top tracks, my account has been glitching. when i click “see all” for my top artists and top tracks, it won’t load. additionally when i try clicking “see all” for my recently played artists, public playlists, followers, and following, it fails to load also. I have visited other profiles on spotify and their "see all" for playlists, followers etc. works, it's only my own account that doesn't work.

also yikes this might be kind of weird but i have another spotify account that follows my main account. i’ve found that my main account’s recently played song activity will not update live for my other account unless i close the app and reopen it. how can i fix this?

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Hi there @sunsetradio,


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Can you perform a clean reinstall of the app. This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Another useful step to try is to use a different internet connection to see if the issue persist.


If that doesn't do the trick and it works as it should with your other Spotify account, we suggest that you head over to this article that provides you information on how you can transfer your music and followers from your main account to the other account as the issue might lay within your main account.


Let us know how it goes.



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