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sharing my playlists with family plan members

sharing my playlists with family plan members


Premium Family




Samsung Galaxy S7 / PC (using both)

Operating System

Android / Windows (using both)


My Question or Issue

(1) I have spent years making Spotify playlists, including converting playlists from Rhapsody. I just upgraded from Premium to Premium Family, and I thought that my playlists would be easy to share among--well--the family. Apparently I was mistaken, as there does not seem to be a function to do this, and it seems like it never occurred to anyone to start a topic on this. (2) Since I have invited family members, should they not be somehow visible to or show up as "friends" or something?

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Hey @md_parrothead ,


Welcome to the Community! I hope you're doing great.


Keep in mind that the Family Plan is just a subscription status, it doesn't affect how others can see the content in your account since you joined using your individual credentials.


Well, you have two options to share your playlists with your plan members.


  1. Set up a Collaborative Playlist your friends/family will be able to add, delete, and reorder the tracks. You'll just have to make your Playlist Private first.
  2. Share your existing Playlists: you can either choose to let them public in a way that they'll appear on your profile and your family will be able to easily find them, or make them Private and Tap the 3 dots next to them > Share > Copy the Link and share with your family. Even if the playlist is set as Secret, the ones that have the link will be able to follow them and check out the songs added.

Hope this helps clear things up, let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂

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