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what happens to billing when upgrading from premium to family


what happens to billing when upgrading from premium to family


My wife and daughter have Premium and Student accounts respectively. I have a free account. 

If i upgrade my free account to Premium for Family what happens when i send them an invite?

Do they just accept the invite and their account is upgraded and their current billing cancelled or is there something else thay have to do as they will not be happy if they lose their downloaded music and their playlists or if they end up paying again. 



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Thank you for this. I think i uderstand that a person with an existing premium plan who accepts the invite will retain everything as it is and providing their current payment is through Spotify and not a 3rd party they will no longer be billed directly. 

Is this correct?


These may help you:


Please let me know if your question is solved.


When the exisitng Premium user downgrades to Free (so they can accept the invite to family) what happens to any music they have downloaded, do they have to download again?

But the playlists will definitely be retained?

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