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Charged twice for student premium

Charged twice for student premium

Ive been charged twice for the student premium. Im just checking how it is done because i just enrolled at school. I still dont have any documents. My account is still not premium. Please refund the money. I'll just go with the 129 peso premium instead. I need my premium asap.
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If there's any charges on your statement showing as ‘pending’ or 'processing', this means your bank has put a temporary authorization on the funds, but no money has actually been taken. Once your student I.D is verified, the charge will go trough. If we're unable to verify, the money will reappear on your statement. This can take up to 48 hours, depending on your bank.


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Premium Individual to Premium Student 





Hi, I switched over to a student premium plan from the individual premium. I had already paid for the individual premium for June, and then got billed for the student when I switched. Is there anyway to avoid paying twice for the month?  Thanks! 


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