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Daily mixes have no like/dislike - also don't load new music

Daily mixes have no like/dislike - also don't load new music


Premium (student)





Samsung Galaxy 9/Windows PC

Operating System

Android Oreo, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My Daily Mixes no longer have the option to like/dislike certain songs (like I can in Discover Weekly) and also they no longer load new music when I get to the end of the playlist. Has something changed or is this a bug?


Thank you


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I have exactly same problems with 2 android devices.. Had like and dislike button yesterday morning but after closing app and opening again those were gone.

Still searching anwers for that

@ c2ja6w55jvu7bax
Make sure to continue to listening to new music, and don't worry it is completely normal to have no new music on the bottom/or already listening to?
Since you have no longer having the option to like/dislike, try adding the songs you enjoy to a separate playlist

Hi @katiek_ thank you for your reply. I have been listening to lots of new music through discover weekly and release radar. Both of these playlists behave like they should with the like and dislike buttons present, and they also update every week.


However, the daily mixes still do not update at all and also have no like and dislike buttons. Also part of what those playlists used to do was add more songs when you reached the end of the playlist. It is annoying because I am paying for this service and it doesn't work. 




I undertstnad where you are coming from, I have experienced having some new or old songs for my daily mix/release radar. If you have songs you don't want to litsen to, press the button, don't play again or add songs you like on a seperate playlist... in the meantime, continue to litsen to spotify-- there will be new music for you soon, just be patient 🙂 

For your problem for paying for prenium, it is still working normally just like the regular free plan/or family plans. 

I don't think it's an issue of waiting for new music though 😕 It seems like there is an actual bug. This is what I see in my discover weekly:


You see I have the like and dislike buttons available, this is what my daily mixes used to do. However, now they behave like a normal playlist and they never update and also do not have the like and dislike buttons:


Which is very annoying because it was one of my favourite ways to find new music.







Hey there @H_Lanz and @Tape1,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Our tech teams are aware and looking into the issue of the like and dislike buttons missing on Daily Mixes.


We'd recommend in this case adding your +VOTE and info to this Ongoing Issue. This way, you can stay up to speed with any news we have to pass on.


Hope this helps clarify things!

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