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I Can't UseMy Turkey Student Premium Account

I Can't UseMy Turkey Student Premium Account

I tried to buy a spotify premium account for student. I went as far as to student verification page and there is a article about 'we don't take your money' like that.

Then I realized that I don't have any document about my student status. I download document and I went this page again and completed student verification. Then when I looked my mobile banking app, spotify take student premium payment twice. When the verification e-mail came, the link oriented to payment page like I don't pay the payment And now I can't use my premium account please help me.

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Hey @ozkanhurcan, welcome to the Community!


If you didn't complete the process, the payments shouldn't go through. They should get back to you within a few business days. If you see they're pending, reach out to your bank for more info on how long pending payments take to get back to you.


For now, you can try signing up again using an incognito window to see if you have any trouble signing up.


Hope that helps.

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