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I bought Premium for students, they charged me but I do not have Premium

I bought Premium for students, they charged me but I do not have Premium

Can somebody help me?

Yesterday I bought Premium for students, the system showed me a message that they still do not charge, I looked at the card today and they charged me. I opened the application and it did not have premium, and I tried closing and reopening the application and the closing session. Thank you very much.

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Hey @wkiz, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!

Have you received a payment confirmation email for the payment? Any payments that you haven't gotten a receipt for are only pending and should be canceled soon. If you check in a few days and still have this charge and no Premium, let me know and I will escalate this to a Spotify staff member!

Looking forward to your response 🙂

Hey Jacob, hru?


Everything remains the same, please collaborate with me, I want Premium.
In another post I did, I was told that the promotion is not for the country where I am. I'm from Colombia, is that true?

Thanks in advance for your management in this problem.



The student discount is working in Columbia, so that isn't the problem. Did you receive a payment confirmation email from Spotify?

Okay, Jacob, thanks for your answer.
I have not received any payment confirmation emails from Spotify. Can you help me?

Thanks again.



You'll have to go through the payment process at again in order to purchase Premium 🙂

I have not received the payment confirmation email.
Do you charge me again this process? Because I already paid once and I will not pay again.

Jacob, look at the transaction on the card.




That charge to your card will be canceled if you have not received a payment confirmation email, it is only a pending charge right now. For more information on this, please contact your bank. I can't give you an estimated time of when the charge will be removed because it changes from bank to bank.

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