Live in the UK, studying in the US: need to change account country?


Live in the UK, studying in the US: need to change account country?

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I live in the UK, but I'm currently studying a degree with a US university via distance learning.


I was able to get the student discount for Apple Music using SheerID fine, but for some reason it doesn't work with Spotify. 


When I go to , the dropdown list of countries doesn't include the US so I can't select my university. And when I try to verify via I get a message saying 'we have successfully confirmed your status!' but then an error message when I get redirected back to Spotify.


Then I saw this post on the help section: - which says that if you're studying abroad your account country should match your university's country. So does this mean that I have to change my account country to the USA and then it'll work?


I'm happy with apple music's student plan for now but I'd prefer to be back with Spotify to be honest, I just don't want to pay so much more for it!



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Hey there @BetterWhenA,


Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly help you out.

Keep in mind that in order to activate the student discount the country your account is set to must match the one you are studying in. Your payment method must also be issued int that country. Since you are living in the UK but studying in the US we're afraid it's not going to be possible to activate the discount. 

Hope this helps. If something else comes up feel free to contact us again.

Have a nice day!

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Hi, thanks for replying. I'm getting a different response from the Spotify support channel @SpotifyCares via DM on Twitter. They told me that it WOULD be possible for me to change my account country to the US, because I do have a payment method issued in the USA (I have a US bank account + credit card). They advised that even though I am living in the UK, I should add this card, change my account country to the US, and then claim the discount. So I guess I'll try that!