Problems with subscription to Student discount

Problems with subscription to Student discount

Hi everyone!

So this is actually a long story.

So I had my own account in wich I signed up with my email. Few days later I subscribed to Student Discount, and everything was amazing, I Even logged in ay my laptop. Then at the middle of the month my app FORCED me to quit that email account, and log in with facebook. I was confused but I said ok. Then I noticed that it was like a new FREE account. Lucky me, I had on my laptop signed un the email-made account and decided to keep the facebook one and CANCEL the one I had with Student Discount. So I waited the remaining days to finish the Billing cycle and the cancelation of that account. Now it's been over a month of that cancelation and the app won't let me Get the Student Discount even though I have canceled the other account. I can prove that I'm a student and really hope that Someone reads this and help me. Thanks a Lot.


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Hi zairakiriath and welcome to the community! 🙂

Sorry to say, the student discount gets locked to the account it was confirmed on for the 12 month time frame - even if the account is canceled. The full support page that notes this can be found here.
Unfortunately, It won't be possible to reconfirm the status to a different login until the 12 months is up.

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