Student Discount Charged W/ No Subscription

Student Discount Charged W/ No Subscription


I tried to sign up for the student discount and it kept saying that there was an error and couldn't process the information. The next day I checked my bank account and it said there was the student discount charge pending; however, when I checked my Spotify account for the subscription, it's still saying that I have the free version. I didn't even know they had charged my account since it had said there was an error. With no phone support, I don't know who to contact to fix the problem. 


Thank you to anyone who can help ~

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Hey @brenana, welcome to the Spotify Community!

If you received no payment confirmation email, the charge to your bank should only be a pending charge, and it should be canceled soon.

Please let me know if the charge is still there in a few days and I can direct you to customer support to ask about a refund 🙂

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