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 I am trying to get access to my free hulu account through my spotify premium and whenever i click "start watching" under Hulu in the services tab on my profile it pulls up Hulu and asks me to pay for a service even though I should be getting Hulu for free through my spotify premium.

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Hey @courtneybrande, and welcome to the community.

Hope you're doing great! 


I understand your concern. Please follow these steps:

New to Hulu or SHOWTIME?

You can create a Hulu or SHOWTIME account when you activate the offer. 



Already using Hulu or SHOWTIME? 

You can connect your existing Hulu Limited Commercials or Showtime accounts, but you’ll need to switch your billing to Spotify to activate the offer. 

To switch your Hulu billing to Spotify, you just need to agree to the switch during sign up.

To switch your SHOWTIME billing to Spotify:

  1. Cancel your existing subscription with SHOWTIME.
  2. Wait for your subscription with SHOWTIME to expire. 
  3. Activate your access to SHOWTIME through your Spotify subscription page.

I hope that helps 🙂 

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I am having this same problem. Where is there an option to switch hulu billing to spotify?


Do you know how to change it after you have synced the accounts? I click the start watching, and it takes me to my Hulu, but the pay option is still my card. Is there a fix for this?

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Hey @brantlier11.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the delay!


To answer your question: provided you reside in the US, there should have been the option to switch your Hulu billing to Spotify when signing up for the Premium for Students + Hulu + Showtime bundle.


Otherwise, it should be possible to do so by linking the two accounts in your Spotify account page (under Your Services).


Hope that helps! Let us know if you need any further help with this - we'll be right here.


@WavyTurtle33 - just to confirm, are you asking if it's possible to unlink your Spotify and Hulu accounts that you pay for them separately? Once we have this information we'll be able to help you out further.