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Student Premium Ended by itself

Student Premium Ended by itself


I applied to get a student discount on my premium account. I sent my documents and didn't think much of it, as two months have past and I was using my premium account just fine. Recently, I realized that my account became a free account by itself. I checked my emails and saw that Spotify sent me a verification email about my university, way back when I applied two months ago. I clicked the link that the email sent me to proceed with my payment. I suppose my payment is now completed, and a bill will be sent to my email. However, when I check the receipt section, it tells me that they already issued me the student discount price for this past two months instead of the regular premium.

So what is going on? I am no longer a premium now and want to fix this situation. Please help!



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Hey there @Gloriaktas

thanks for reaching out to the community !


It seems like your account was reverted to free to apply the student discount.

You can always check your account status on you online account page.


Two officiant ways to recheck the aligibility and guidlines are:

 - Student discount SheerID eligibilty help page

- Premium for Students help page 


In addition, in any case you feel you want you account to be observated by the Spotify support team you can always fill this form and have them checking your account for you.


Hope this helps 😃

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