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Student premium wont work

Student premium wont work





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  I signed up for the spotify and hulu student bundle today. I made my account and logged in and put in my billing info. Then I got to the student verification part. It failed, so I did the manual verification with my student ID.  I got the verification email in about 20 minutes and I clicked the link in the email. It logged me in automatically but asked me to enter my billing information again. I did and then went through setting up hulu. Hulu works but when i log into the spotify account on my phone it says it isnt premium. Also when i look at my pending charge i have been charged twice. 


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Actually premium works it just took a minute but i still have two pending charges 

Hey there @2srw9gnp_-diu. That second pending charge you see is most likely a pre-authorization. A pre-authorization, or authorization hold, is a temporary block set on a small amount of funds, which usually shows up looking like a pending charge on your method of payment. These holds are usually intended to check that the payment method provided is valid, and that it contains the appropriate amount of funds to complete the transactions. Spotify will often place a pre-authorization whenever a new subscription is created, or there is a change to a new type of subscription or payment method.

A pre-authorization should usually clear on its own after a few business days, and the funds released back to your account without incident. If it sticks around for more than a business week, or it makes it to your posted charges, please let me know and we can look into getting it sorted. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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