Studentenkorting - student discount prepaid credit card

Studentenkorting - student discount prepaid credit card

Hi there,


I have a prepaid credit card from the United Kindom based company Skrill. This is a way to get a credit card as a student. I live and study in the Netherlands because I grew up in the Netherlands just to be clear.


Your system does not allow me to spend EUROs with my prepaid credit card because it tells me that my card is from another country. I'm not going to spend POUNDS.


Yes, the world is small and people can have prepaid credit cards from all over the world. Maybe this is why there are PayPal and iDeal? I think that most students in Europe don't have credit cards? 


You think you have a solution? 


Until then your subscription EUROS are burning in my pocket.






p.s.  getting a Philippine's prepaid credit card looks very rewarding



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Hey there @Chaocheebye,

thanks for posting !


Were you able to pay using the UK-based payment method?


Important to mention you can only pay for Premium using a local payment method, one that is registered in the same country your account was initaly set in.

Since you're in the Netherlands, you'll have to use a Dutch payment method.

You can read more about it here.


Let me know how it goes 😃

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