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“Switching” the student on a Spotify Student Plan.

“Switching” the student on a Spotify Student Plan.

Hey! I recently started using the Spotify Student Plan to be able to pay for my Spotify Premium more efficiently. The problem is that I am currently not a student in a verified college, however my brother is. Since my brother doesn’t use Spotify, I’ve asked him if I could use his plan and he has said yes, however he has about 1 year left until he finishes college (meaning I would have 2 years left on the 4 year cap). I was wondering if I’m able to change the student (to me obviously) in the future on the plan once I’m able to get into college.
Thank you!
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Hey @entinolol,


Thanks for reaching out.


Using someone else's student discount goes against Spotify's Terms of Use, so we'd suggest for you to wait until you get into college.


We hope this helps.

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Hey! Thanks for the response. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that this was against the terms of service. However, in the future when I do get into college, will I only be able to use it for 2 years (because this would’ve been my second year using the discount) or will it reset back to 4 years?

Thank you!

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