Why is Premium Student in Quebec not available

Why is Premium Student in Quebec not available

I've seen many posts about this problem (not being able to access a Spotify premium student plan for people in Quebec), but none of them actually answered the question. So, please, I really just want to know WHY is it not available? What's the reason/problem? I'm not just talking about the promotions, but the plan itself. The only plan I was able to find was a premium individual. I don't understand what's the issue between Spotify and Quebec, but it really sucks to have only one type of premium plan and I"m fairly certain I'm not the only one that feels this way based on what I've seen here.


So please, can I just have a straight answer and none of the vague automatic replies.

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Hi there @NovaShalk,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


As much as we wish for every Spotify plan and feature to be available in every country, that is not always possible due to licensing issues or region specific restrictions.


We know that a lot of users are requesting the Student plan for Quebec and the right folks at Spotify are doing their best to make this possible one day. For the time being, we can't say for sure if the student plan will be made available there.


Hope this answers your questions.



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