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subscription didn't activate but CC got charged

subscription didn't activate but CC got charged

Hello everyone



I tried to begin a student subscription but it didn't quite work. After logging in on my uni site, I got a "Verification Complete" screen. I waited and waited and after about 5 minutes I just assumed the app had crashed. I closed it, and after opening it again, I saw that my subscription wasn't active. I tried again and upon reaching the uni login page it said "voucher already redeemed". My acc still wasn't premium. I checked it worked if i used a secondary uni email address, but it didn't. 

So I was like "whatever", go about my day and later realize that my CC was charged all three times I tried to start Premium. 


What's going on???


(I'm not sure if this is something the community can solve but I didn't find a way to contact spotify )

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This is likely a pending payment that will return to your account since you dont have the premium service.


I would check your statement and make sure the debit was debited before contacting support, but you will find it wont have been debited.



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