Age Limit on Premium For FAMILY Plan


Age Limit on Premium For FAMILY Plan

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I just tried to enroll my 7.5-year-old in the Premium For FAMILY Plan I purchased and got this message: "Sorry, but you don't meet Spotify's age requirements."




The age limit has an implicit suggestion that the library is saturated with "explicit" lyrics and that parents are not responsible for their kid's actions - like people who think the Internet is only porn and it is impossible to avoid it...


Through regular audits and supervision, I could totally limit my child's listening to Sesamee Street songs. Monitoring media consumption is my responsibility as the parent, and I should have the option to sign-off on the risk.


I want my children to experience different genres of music: classical, jazz, rock, etc. An online music service is perfect for this, AND THE TIME TO DO IT IS WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG.


I don't recall it being readily apparent that there was an age limit when signing up for the Premium For FAMILY Plan. Let me write that again: FAMILY Plan.


When Microsoft went to Spotify and deprecated Groove, I considered my options. It boiled down to Amazon and Spotify. I am reconsidering my choice to go with Spotify.

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Re: Age Limit on Premium For FAMILY Plan

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Just checked. Looks like Amazon is the same way: must be 13-years-old to have account in family plan.


I'll just have to go to the music store and buy him CDs. Oh wait...