Amazon Echo Dot devices not visible as Spotify Connect device


Amazon Echo Dot devices not visible as Spotify Connect device








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My Question or Issue (Amazon Echo Dot devices not visible as Spotify Connect device)

My 2 Echo Dots are not showing up as Spotify Connect devices when I link one of my family member Spotify accounts. Actually these two Echo Dots are not shown in Spotify app from my family member devices.

When I change the setup in Alexa to link it to my Spotify Family Premium main account, then the Echo Dots are showing up in my Spotify app (signed in from my iPhone and iPad). But from the Spotify app from my family members, signed in on their own Spotify accounts, they cannot see the Echo Dots as Spotify Connect devices.


1) Is it possible to allow all my spotify accounts that are in my family account to see my Echo Dots as a Spotify Connect device?

2) Is it possible to link Alexa to one of my family accounts (not being the main account I created for which I have the Family Premium account)?


I have now linked Alexa to my main Spotify account, so now at least all the Echo Dots are visible from Spotify app that are signed in with my Spotify account. But the rest of my family signed in with their own Spotify accounts cannot see them and also cannot switch the music from their phone/tablet to the Echo Dots.





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We'd first recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for more info on using Spotify with Amazon speakers


Let us know how you get on :) We'll be right here if you need further help.

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