Betalat premium men det funkar inte


Betalat premium men det funkar inte


Hej, jag betalade för premium och det har dragits pengar ifrån mitt konto, men på mitt konto står det fortfarande "free" och jag har testat logga ut från min spotify men det funkar ändå inte?

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Re: Betalat premium men det funkar inte


Hey @nicci_011, welcome to the Spotify Community!

We hope you don't mind that we reply in English. If you want, you can get Swedish support via email with this contact form.


If you already paid, but you're still unable to use Premium, we'd like to check the state of the payment in your bank statement. If it was successfully, make sure to check this article. In there, you'll find some steps and tips that can help you in this scenario.


Let us know how it goes. We'll be here if you need us.