Can't change country - Spotify charges me extras!


Can't change country - Spotify charges me extras!




Spotify has a support email? Anything? I am going to be charged for two more months without being able to cancel the charge!


- I've moved officially a few days ago back to my homeland Israel after a few months in Germany.

- Couldn't change address, since it was (and still is) connected to a credit card I used in Germany.

- I tried to change the credit card to my new credit card in Israel. I couldn't, it said it was connected to my Germany account, and I first have to change address.

- I tried cancelling the account (Family), to change address - it still didn't let me change the address.

- I tried restarting the account to place a new credit card - it charged me for an extra month, and continued the Family account in Germany, didn't let me place a new credit card.

- I tried again, and it charged me for the next two months!

- I'm in a Limbo now - can't cancel the account, since it's already written that I've asked for two months of use. I will pay for nothing. And I can't change the credit card to a new country.


If I understand correctly, if I cancel everything now - Spotify will still charge me for the next two months!


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Re: Can't change country - Spotify charges me extras!


Hey @MAISHAR, welcome to the Community!


Those payments shouldn't go through since you can't be charged again while already on Premium.


In this case, we suggest you cancel your subscription here and wait for your account to revert to Free. Once that happens, you shouldn't have any trouble updating your country setting following the steps in this article.


Hope that helps.