Can't join Spotify Family (Address is the same)


Can't join Spotify Family (Address is the same)


 Hey Community, my sister accidently left our Spotify Family and started a normal Abo (she thought she could join again like this xD ). So she had to use the normal Abo for a month now and now i sent her an invite but she can't join anymore. 


Old Abo ran out. Address is the same. No specific error message. It just says that she cant join that family. 


Thanks for your help 


- Alex

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Re: Can't join Spotify Family (Address is the same)


Hey @alexfink!


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


As long as it's the same Premium for Family plan she was part of, she shouldn't have any trouble joining.


However, users can't only move from one Family plan to another once per year, so if it's a different plan, she won't be able to join.


Try clearing the browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito for her to try and join again.


Keep us posted.

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