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Can't verify my family members address


Can't verify my family members address


Hy, my family members are removed from my pan due address differences, but when I try to confirmy, Spotify doesn't accept.

When I made my plan, the addres wasn't necessary and now is this joke, I'm paying for something that I can´t use and I'm very unhappy whit your services.

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Re: Can't verify my family members address


Hey @guilhermitu, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll gladly help you out.


Just to confirm, are your family members getting any error messages when joining the plan? If so, try sending new invites and for them to accept them using a different browser or an incognito window.


Remember all family members must recide in the same physical address to join the plan or it won't work at all.


Keep us posted.

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Re: Can't verify my family members address

Casual Listener

Same problem here.. we have 3 accounts on  same Adress and noone can join because of verifying..