Change from individual to family subscription


Change from individual to family subscription





I have just subscribed to spotify premium in Hong Kong at HKD$4.90 for the first three months and HKD$58 thereafter. However, literally after 5 minutes I realised that I could change to a family plan at HKD88 starting two months later (in February 2019).


If I do switch to the family plan now, 

1) why does the charge of HKD88 start in February instead of March?

2) can my family enjoy spotify immediately or that does not come to effect till February?

3) can i still enjoy the discount at HKD$4.90 from now until February 2019?


Thanks for looking into it in advance!

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Re: Change from individual to family subscription

Spotify Legend

Hey @reddiamond.


Thanks for getting in touch!


You can switch from regular Premium to Premium for Family. Your remaining Premium days will convert to 66% Premium for Family days. This means that 3 months of Premium Premium will become 2 months of Premium for Family.


Should answer your questions. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.