Common-law family, Who do we contact to verify premium family plans?


Common-law family, Who do we contact to verify premium family plans?

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I live with my partner and we have been common law for a number of years. He is dirvorced, so they are with us for part of the week and they are with their mom for part of the week.  They are my stepkids.  Even if he and I get married one day, I will not be changing my last name to match his and his kids.  Who do I talk to to get Spotify to stop removing my family from my account because our last names don't match?  Or is it because we have partial custody?  As is the nature of these kinds of divorces, they don't live full-time with their mom or their dad due to partial custody, so are you telling me because their parents are divorced, these kids can't participate in family premium?  They are still with us 3-4 days every week depending on the schedule.  It's frustrating that I have to post on a forum with community members rather than actual employees of Spotify to verify this information and have to publicly display my common-law and divorced family structure.  It's also frustrating that we got no notification, no email -- everyone just logged in and found that they didn't have premium.  I don't even know if community members can help me, but if anyone knows direct emails or phone numbers, could you send me a message with the details?  There's so many legalities involved with divorce that I don't want to post on a message board.


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Re: Common-law family, Who do we contact to verify premium family plans?

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Hey @JeLoveYou,

Thanks for coming to the Community.


It is not required that all members of the plan have the same last name.


It is, however, required to live at the same physical address. You can check out this Spotify Answer for more info.


Lastly, I'd recommend reaching out to Support so that they can look into the issue where your family members are being removed from the plan automatically:


Thanks 🙂

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