Downgraded from Premium Family to Spotify Free


Downgraded from Premium Family to Spotify Free



Premium Family (at least, it used to be Premium Family)





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I just got downgraded from Premium Family to Spotify Free because I didn't have the chance to verify my account. Spotify initially gave me 7 days to verify the account but I got downgraded only after 4 days.

Spotify Premium need to be verified.pngSpotify reminded me to verify my account (in Indonesian language).

Then when I clicked the "VERIFY ACCOUNT" button (again, before the 7 days deadline), I was directed to the Premium Family page instead of an account verification page.

Want to verified but  directed to this page instead.pngI was hoping to be directed to an account verification page, but landed on this instead.

My account then got downgraded to Spotify Free. I asked the owner of the Premium Family package to send me another invitation(s)—he even cancelled previous invitations and re-invited me numerous times—but I can't seemed to rejoin the package.

Can't rejoin Premium for Family.pngNotification informing me that I can't rejoin the Premium Family package.

Care to elaborate what seems to be the problem so I can start listening to music without the nuisance from the advertisements?



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Re: Downgraded from Premium Family to Spotify Free


Hey @bungreno, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll definitely be able to help though.


Do you have any trouble accepting the invite to the plan if you use an incognito window? What about from a different device?


Let us know.