Echo and Spotify - NIGHTMARE


Echo and Spotify - NIGHTMARE







Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

Android Oreo, (I think?)


My Question or Issue

I pay for Spotify Family for my mum and me. We both have our own phones and she was gifted an Echo Show for Christmas. We both have our own profiles and never had an issue with playing our own music.


Since the Echo was received and connected to her phone, my Spotify is changing to match her music - I'm currently sat at my office some miles away, listening to some heavy focus stuff on and on pops Frank Sinatra singing Christmas tracks...


Last week I signed out of all devices, we reconnected and thought we had sorted it but I think she just hadn't been using the Echo. 


To be fair, I've had enormous fun changing her Frank Sinatra tracks to 'Jungle is massive' and then smooth jazz to 'who let the dogs out' but this is just not sustainable. 


I've updated my device to 'forget' hers however I never bl***y linked it in first place. It's driving me bananas - any solutions welcome.






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Re: Echo and Spotify - NIGHTMARE


Hey there @TigerStove,


Thanks for reaching out here and welcome to the Community!


Even though it can be entertaining to mess around with the music your family members are listening to, let's try to get you and your mum back enjoying your own music in peace again. 


It's a great start to sing out everywhere, so it's good you've already gone through that. To avoid that your Spotify account is accessed by the Echo of your mother, we suggest you check which Spotify account is linked with the Alexa app and make sure it's your mum's.


In case you are both using voice command to play on the Echo, we suggest you take a look at the Good to know section in this article.


If you don't use the Echo with your Spotify account at all you can remove the access for it on your account page.


Hope this info is useful. Feel free to reach out whenever you have other questions 🙂

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