Failure to Help


Failure to Help


I signed up for the family plan with the offer of a free google home Mini.  Sounded great. That was until there was a problem redeeming the Google home Mini.  For some reason my order with Google was cancelled. That's ok.  Mistakes happen.  So off I go and contact Google.  They say there was an issue but it will be ok.  Just contact Spotify with all yojr details and they will reissue a new code. So I do the online chat and send through screenshots etc. I'm told not to worry and the matter will be resolved.  6 days later no response.  So I contact the online chat again.  Not to worry I'm told and someone will contact you shortly.  Later that day I get an email that says we cannot give you a new code.  So Google want a new code.  Spotify doesn't issue a new code and ultimately I lose out.  When I reply to the support email and say this is unfair and if they can't deliver I should get my money back I get an email back saying no. If you want to cancel then click here. 


What sort of customer service is this? I understand that the problem probably didn't happen at your end but thanks for not helping out your customer at all.