Family Plan Problems with Alexa


Family Plan Problems with Alexa




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Ok, please try to follow me here. 


Before upgrading to the Family plan a few days ago we used one account for me, my wife and my youngest. We have an Echo, a Dot and a Kids's Dot. Whenever we told Alexa to play Spotify it played from the one account we had.


After upgrading to the Family plan the other day my wife's new Spotify account was linked to the Echo and the Dot, but my son's Kid's Dot remained linked to my account. We have no idea why it worked out that way, that's just how things shook out. 


We want my son's Kid's Dot connected to my wife's account like the rest of the Alexa equipment is. I have unlinked my Spotify account from all the Alexa equipment. I have reset my son's Kid's Dot to its factory settings and even removed and reinstalled my Spotify app. I have gone to the website and removed Alexa from the allowable apps on my Spotify account.


HOWEVER, whenever you tell the Kid's Dot to "play Spotify" it ALWAYS plays from my Spotify account. 


Besides unlinking the Alexa app on the website, and unlinking Spotify from the Alexa app on my phone, I am at a loss of how to prevent the Kid's Dot from playing from my account. 




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Re: Family Plan Problems with Alexa


Hey @russellcroteau,


Thanks for reaching out about this and for trying out those steps already.


Out of interest, have you set up an Alexa voice profile via your Echo device or the Alexa app?


Could you also let us know if you've linked your individual Spotify accounts to the same Alexa account?


Once we have the above info, we'll know what to suggest next.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

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