Family Premium and International Student program


Family Premium and International Student program


I've just upgraded my premium account to a Premium Family account. But I have also just realized that my son will temporalily change his home's address: he is leaving my country soon and will fly to Canada for an international student program in a secondary school during the next 9 months. I wonder if he can still take full advantage of my Family account since he will be back home at the end of June 2018... 

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Re: Family Premium and International Student program


All members of a Premium for Family plan must reside at the same physical address as per Spotify's Terms and Conditions. So unfortunately, this disqualifies him from joining your Family plan.


But since your son is going to be a student in Canada, why not have him apply for the student discount instead? He can sign-up directly through the Spotify student discount page.


We also use the good folks at SheerID to verify student credentials in Canada, so if he'll have trouble signing up you can get in touch with them here.


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