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Family Sharing and multiple Echo devices







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I use Spotify Premium mainly on an Amazon Echo. However, we have just purchased two Echo Dots for our two children so they can listen to music in their rooms without disturbing anyone else.


I was considereing a Spoitfy Family Plan but this requires each person who wishes to stream music to have their own account which is linked to my master account.


The trouble with this is the Echo devices are all under a single Amazon account, and I want to retain this as firstly, my children are not eligible to create an Amazon account and secondly I want the devices to be part of the same Amazon account so they can communicate within the same household. With this configuration, only ONE Spotify can be set-up and used, it's not possible to specify a Spotify account per Echo device.


I know Amazon Music Unlimited's family plan has a similar set-up to Spotify, but it allows one account to be used on multiple devices to stream music independantly, providing you don't exceed the maximum of six devices.


Are Spotify going to allow the family sharing to operate similar to Amazon?

Does anyone else have a similar issue and/or a solution?








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I’m in the same boat and have switched to Amazon Music Unlimited for their better implementation.  I prefer Spotify’s service but can’t get past having to have separate accounts on a family plan. 

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This is a big disappointment for us. I've been a Spotify individual subscriber for a couple of years. For the holiday, we upgraded to a family plan to use for my wife (iPhone) and around the house with an Amazon Echo and two Echo Dots for the kids. We expected that each device would be able to listen to different music at the same time (that's why we paid for a family plan). However, this is not possible, since the Echo and Echo Dots are logged into the same Amazon account, which limits them to a single Spotify account. Not sure what the solution is for Spotify, but this limitation is why we are cancelling our family subscription and will discontinue using Spotify at all. We're going to switch to a family plan from another service that can accommodate our actual, and reasonable, family use cases. Too bad, though, because we really like Spotify. 

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Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this with us on the Community.


Spotify are aware of this, and are always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, including integrations with third parties, but unfortunately we don't have any further information to share at the moment.


To stay up-to-date on any news regarding this, please head over to the idea on the topic here.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions on this.

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Re: Family Sharing and multiple Echo devices


Hi, I have a different scenario.


I recently purchased 2 Echo Dots (3rd gen.) and tried to set them up to use them with my Spotify Family Premium account.


When I link Alexa to Spotify using my main Spotify account, then I can see my Echo dots as spotify connect devices. But when I link Alexa to one of my 4 other family member accounts, then the Echo Dots are not listed. Even the workarounds mentioned in other topics (to unlink/link Spotify account in Alexa, or changing the show local devices only switch in Spotify app) don't work to resolve this.


So, I guess it seems that whether the Echo Dots are visible or not is linked to whether you link Spotify in Alexa through the main spotify family account.


My intent was to 'sacrifice' one of my 4 other family member email addresses to register the Spotify acount link with inAmazon Alexa and use that Spotify account to play music on the Echo Dots. But then I cannot see the Echo Dots as Spotify Connect devices.




Re: Family Sharing and multiple Echo devices




Thanks for coming to the Community! We see that this older thread still gets a lot of visitors looking for help and we wanted to clarify a bit more.


Spotify should work well when each member of the family has their own Alexa account linked to their own Spotify account in order to be able to listen to Spotify on their respective devices.


Here are the instructions on how to link each Spotify account to its respective Alexa account.


Or you could try creating an Amazon Household which allows you to have multiple profiles in the same account, and you can link your Spotify account to your own Household profile and use the smart speaker you want, even if someone else is using another one in the house.


Lastly you can give the command - "Alexa, Spotify Connect" to the specific speaker and follow the instructions that come next.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions about this.

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